When I am getting ready to reason with a man, I spend one-third of my time thinking about myself and what I am going to say and two-thirds about him and what he is going to say.

-Abraham Lincoln-

Jeune École provides an opportunity for emerging thinkers in defence, military and global affairs to listen or interview for our Pod and read or write for our Pen. We hope Jeune École can encourage critical thinking amongst emerging leaders and link them to established industry leaders through collegiate discussion for professional development and professional military education. While grounded in the maritime domain, our community is interested in many topics within Defence, Security and Global Affairs.

We welcome all established and emerging industry leaders! Contact us to get involved.

“The writer Umberto Eco belongs to that small class of scholars who are encyclopedic, insightful, and nondull. He is the owner of a large personal library (containing thirty thousand books), and separates visitors into two categories: those who react with “Wow! Signore, professore dottore Eco, what a library you have ! How many of these books have you read?” and the others – a very small minority – who get the point that a private library is not an ego-boosting appendage but a research tool. Read books are far less valuable than unread ones. The library should contain as much of what you don’t know…”

-Nicholas Nassim Taleb-

About Us

We were created by a small group of naval Officers who wanted to create a professional repository that included written work and interviews with both experienced industry leaders, as well as emerging ones. The hope was that this would have the second order effects of promoting discussion on important military topics, create volunteer and networking opportunities and serve as a professional military education resource. We also actively foster links with our scholastic counterparts, balancing the importance of experiential and academic wisdom. While we started small and are still growing, we are proud of our collaborative and global framework, boasting volunteers from the Australia, Germany and Chile! If you are keen to get involved as an established or an emerging leader, find out how here.